Baby Boomer Series ~ Hey, Baby Boomers! Have You Had Enough Yet?

Too Much YardworkFirst, let me say that I am a bona fide Baby Boomer so I can relate.  Second, let me say that I spent the entire weeked raking up leaves from my yard and debris from my garden.  Third, let me say that all this yard work is getting really old.

I, for one, have had enough!  I am ready to let someone else do it all.  My house has become too much of a burden, and my prized garden that I spent a lifetime creating is ridiculously labor-intensive.  I don’t even want to look at it anymore.

Lest you think I am a decrepit old fogie, I want to assure you that I am not.  But I would rather spend my free time, what little of it there is, on other pursuits, like bike-riding, hiking, traveling, babysitting for my granddaughter, and other fun things.  Raking leaves, shoveling snow, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, etc. are not fun.

I always thought I would stay in my house up to my dying day, but now I am thinking about moving.  I would really rather have a smallish, newer home with enough room for visitors and where I can spend time relaxing, entertaining, or whatever instead of spending every last waking free minute on maintenance chores.

If you too are thinking that it’s time to let go of all the drudgery, there are plenty of options for baby boomers.  Here are a few questions to think about:


You can decide how much work you want to do. Maybe you just want a very small yard–something that is manageable–and you are willing to do some work.  Or maybe you want someone to take care of all the exterior work.  Both options are available; in general, the more work that the association takes over, the greater the association fees.  If you are still a gardener at heart, you might prefer a tiny yard that you can manage or that you can hire someone to help you take care of it.  Be sure to check with the association to find out exactly what is covered.


If you have lived in a single family home all your life, you might not be ready to give up your privacy by living in a densely-populated condo complex.  There are many single-family homes in associations or attached villas that will still give you the privacy you are used to and still give you the maintenance-free living you are looking for.

One Floor Living

If you are just looking for one-floor living, you have ranch-style condos, single-family homes, and two-story homes (attached and detached) with a master bedroom on the first floor.  You will still have plenty of room and visitors can always take the bedrooms upstairs.


How important are social activities to you? Some complexes have everything you need within walking distance, including fitness centers, swimming pools, recreational facilities, and meeting rooms.  You have to decide if you are the type of person that would take advantage of the amenities or are you simply paying more for something you won’t use.

Age-Restricted or Not

Are you ready to live in an active adult community or do you enjoy having people of all ages around you?  There are communities for people over the age of 55, over the age of 62, or of all ages.  In recent years, some the the communities built for active adults have actually been converted to non-age-restricted, so don’t think they are all age-restricted.

Here or There

You might be ready to give up your yard; you might also be ready to give up winters as well.  Moving out of a life-long home is never easy, and it requires a careful decision-making process to find out where your next home will be.

If you are staying right here in Connecticut, I can provide you with information on maintenance-free living so you can see what your options are.  If you are thinking about relocating, please talk to me as well. I can recommend reputable REALTORS® that will take good care of you and help you find your next home.


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2 Responses to Baby Boomer Series ~ Hey, Baby Boomers! Have You Had Enough Yet?

  1. DeeDee Riley says:

    This was great! If we didn’t have the fabulous view we have here in El Dorado Hills, I’d be thinking of downsizing myself!
    Have a great weekend and see you in the Rain!

  2. Peggy Chirico says:

    Hi DeeDee – Thanks! Even if people decide to stay in the location they are in, they may choose to move to a place that requires less work–at least that’s what I am thinking!


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